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What is a DPF?

The DPF is essentially a structure of “straws” which are sealed at one end and once the exhaust gases travel down the “straw”, they cannot escape. The exhaust gases then have to diffuse through the walls of the “straws” and the soot particulates are left inside. 

What does a DPF actually do?

The DPFs primary role is to filter out the soot particulates within the engine exhaust gases. Unfortunately, the reliability of the DPF systems is questionable and we are now offering complete removal of the DPF for customers.

What's going wrong?

As the “straws” begin to fill up with soot particulates,(image to the right) the vehicle tries to regenerate the DPF by burning off the contents of the filter. However, to do this, the DPF must reach a temperature of 600-650c (this temperature cannot be reached whilst driving around town) and will usually require a specific distance at a speed of 60mph + 

How the dpf works
Clogged filter harmful to engine

What are the symptons?

Dpf warning light

Symptoms of a clogged DPF include engine "check light" or "DPF warning light" . Along with a significant amount of power loss as your engine reverts to "limp mode" you may also suffer with a reduced top speed which can be as severe as limiting your vehicle to as little as 50 mph. This can be extremely dangerous if you are making regular use of motorways and generally faster moving traffic roads.

What is the answer?

There are two options to remedy this issue.
 Option 1 replace the old DPF with a new genuine manufacturer part as after-market replacements are rare to non existent. Genuine manufacturer replacements will usually cost well in excess of £1000 +vat. With an additional charge for removal and fitting. Which is all well and good but as this system has failed once its replacement is sure to fail sooner or later.     
 Option 2 the better, less expensive and more permanent method. DPF removal, this will involve re-coding your engines computer (ECU) and removing the software. This will ensure that engine never tries to regenerate again and will also cease the illumination of any warning lights with the added benefit of avoiding the dreaded "limp mode"