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How Do You Remap for Economy?

Each Redline Eco remap is unique to your vehicle. The map is removed via the vehicle's OBD port and modified using our specialist equipment. By optimising power and torque to the low to mid-end rpm, you will gain enhanced throttle response, less flat spots and a smoother power delivery with less gear changes. This, in turn, means your vehicle requires less fuel to travel the same distance.

For many years ECU remapping or chipping has mainly been for the performance vehicle market but now there is a distinct brand that targets fleets and individuals who want to achieve substantial economy increases.

Redline Remapping Eco  Remaps in conjunction with Uk chip tuning have developed software which not only enhances the vehicles performance but can give huge savings of as much as 20%.

The products work by re-programming the software so that in normal driving fuel consumption is minimised by reducing the number of gear changes and the number of instances of wide open throttle. The fuel usage reductions are typically in the range of 15-16% upto 20%. These reductions produce some incredible statistics, these include:

Figures are based on average of 15,000 miles per year, fuel price of £1.20 per litre.

A vehicle doing 45MPG before upgrade will save £164.

A vehicle doing 38MPG before upgrade will save £119.

Add to the above 7-15 fewer fill ups per year and therefore for the  fleet owners less vehicle downtime and less expense.

Multiply these savings to numbers of vehicles and the amount of money saved increases dramatically, an example would be a small fleet operator running ten typically large vans, covering 40,000 miles per year per vehicle would save in excess of £5,675 each year!